# Introduction

The Sway System combines objective balance and cognitive measures to support healthcare professionals in performing accurate and informed evaluations with nothing more than the mobile device they already own. Sway is available on both the Apple and Android operating systems.

# Balance Testing

Sway pioneered mobile balance testing with our patented technology that uses nothing more than the mobile sensors built in to the device you already own. Sway allows healthcare professionals to administer a medical grade balance test in virtually any setting.

# Cognitive Testing

The Sway System allows you to accurately assess cognitive function with quick and easy tests of visual processing, reaction time and memory. With Sway’s patented technology, you get a quick snapshot of key cognitive measures anywhere you want to test.

# Symptom Tracking

With symptom tracking you can easily record reported symptoms on the sideline and update any changes throughout the recovery process. Using the symptom checklist you can enter the severity of 22 standard symptoms with time stamped entries, using a 6-point subjective scale.

# Baseline Testing

Establishing a baseline has never been easier. No more outdated computer labs, just mobile devices your athletes already own. Sway’s baseline sessions and baseline reset features make it easy to test an entire team in a matter of minutes and easily manage those athletes from year to year.

# Quality Software

The Sway System is constantly improving to better meet your needs. Sway meets HIPAA and FERPA privacy standards and is supported by a certified ISO 13485 quality system to ensure we deliver quality products. Every software release undergoes extensive testing to ensure capability with every major device manufacturer.