# What does it measure?

The mBESS protocol measures postural sway of the center mass of the body in the X, Y, Z plane.

# Test Administration

The mBESS protocol consists of 5 different balance tests. Perform all tests with your eyes closed, holding the phone with both hands against the center of your chest.


# Step 1

Press "Begin Test" to initiate your first test. Once you press this button, the test will give you three seconds to place the device against your chest and assume the stance for that particular test.


# Step 2

Hold the position for the current test. When the test is over the device will make a noise (if the device settings allow) or vibrate to indicate the test is complete.

# Step 3

Once the test is complete, you will be prompted to continue on to the next test in the protocol, until you complete all 5 tests.

# Test Interpretation & Normative Data

The mBESS score is an aggregate score from all 5 tests, and is on a 0-100 scale.

You can find more information on Balance normative data here

# Test Demonstration